Book Launch: GRIETAS: A journal of zapatista thought and horizons

[Fuente: The People’s Forum NYC]

Join Sexta Grietas Del Norte to celebrate the launch of the journal Grietas: A Journal of Zapatista Thought and Horizons, published by Sexta Grietas Del Norte. Sexta Grietas Del Norte is a network of autonomous organizations and individuals that build collective self-organization and anti-capitalist struggle, in solidarity with the Zapatista Army of National Liberation and the National Indigenous Congress-Indigenous Governing Council (CNI-CIG). This is a unique opportunity to meet their members from both the East and West Coast and to learn more about their struggles for autonomy through the themes and examples featured in the newly released first issue of our journal. In this first issue, they take up the topic of autonomy in the United States from a variety of perspectives, each reflecting on past and current struggles for liberation while offering glimpses of possible autonomous futures inspired by Zapatismo and the seven principles of leading by obeying (mandar obedeciendo). They also share reportbacks of projects they’ve accompanied the Zapatistas and the CNI-CIG on, as well as insights on Zapatista praxis, including education, women’s rights, and their journey across rebellious Europe in the latter half of 2021.